What's available to extend the front fender so that lowers and engine don't get so dirty?

A front fender extension is a good way to protect the bike. I can tell you that my bike is totally trashed down there - the paint is mostly gone from the fairing where it crosses behind the tyre, and the pipes usually have dirt baked on em – Lastly the engine itself gets pretty dirty. Every few months I do a really good job of cleaning the pipes, the metal, and plastic on the front of the engine. I am sure that a fender extension would have saved the paint and caused me less work these past 18 months.

There are several solutions – I think you can fashion an extension from many other types of cycle fenders, especially dirt bike fenders. Just trim, drill, and bolt 'em together. If you have done this have pics/ideas to share, please send them to me

Eckhard Grohe <egrohe@dsuper.net> found a company called M&G accessories that  makes a custom fender extension for the RT. However, this company has since been sold and the new owner is not yet producing the fenders. Stay Tuned!

Kris Besely <kris@planeview.net> reports that the fender for the K1200LT fits right on the RT and provides superior protection to the RT. Its a costly option but a turn-key solution. See Marc Almgren's documentation on this below.

Wayne Mauthe <wmauthe@autobahn.mb.ca> opted for the M&G extended fender but with one modification. "In my earlier message to you I indicated I did a fair amount of riding on gravel or older roads. When I got the fender it appeared to be made of a light plastic (polycarbonate ?) material so I took an old inner tube from a car tire and cut out a section and used this to line the inner part of the fender extension. The curve of the inner tube fit the curve of the fender nicely. To hold the inner tube rubber in place I used silicon glue. The instructions for the fender said if LOCTITE is used not to get any on the fender as it would cause cracking. I reasoned that the organic solvent in the LocTite was the problem and silicon glue was the only glue that I could think of that does not have organic solvents. "

I decided to get an M&G extended fender for my RT: Heres how it looks in comparison to the stock one off the bike:

oldnewfendersjpg.jpg (59919 bytes)

and what each look like on the bike:

oldfender.jpg (63422 bytes)

Newfender.jpg (66614 bytes)

As of July 2000, the M&G fender is no longer available (NLA).

Marc Almgren <marc99rt@yahoo.com> Went with the LT fender and was pleased with the way it came out. "Recently, on the R1100RT BBS, I read how some owners modified their RT's by removing the stock front mudguard and replacing it with one from a K1200LT
(BMW P/N: 46-61-2-307-911, $59.26).

RT-Fender-1-lg.jpg (289185 bytes)

Being concerned about mud, water and rocks hitting my engine and lower fairing, I investigated. Visually, the parts looked like they would line up

RT-Fender-2-lg.jpg (198716 bytes).

The stock mudguard looked like this:

RT-Fender-3-lg.jpg (205204 bytes)
Once replaced, the newly-installed LT mudguard looked like this:

RT-Fender-4-lg.jpg (203681 bytes).

As you can see, the new mudguard provides about 4" increased coverage and does not interfere with the side-to-side wheel movement. There is still a small gap at the bottom, but I believe that the increased length will provide significantly more protection.

I have just completed my first test ride with the new mudguard, and have seen no problems. I give it a "thumbs-up"."