How do I ship my RT Cross-Country?

Maybe you bought a used RT on E-Bay, or don't have time to ride both directions to a faraway rally. You might consider shipping your RT:

Alex -  notes that "The requirements for airlines are that you empty the gas tank and disconnect the batteries. FedEx will do it but you have to crate it." These are the two most expensive ways. Alex wrote "Your best route is trucking."

For trucking, two companies seem to have emerged as the best for moving motorcycles.

Federal Motorcycle Transport ph. 1-800-747-4100 ext. 217 Visit: 

Liberty Moving and Storage ph. 1-888-330-5599 Visit: 

Karl < > said that he "shipped two used bikes from the east coast to the Seattle area in the last 24 months. Both were shipped by Federal. No problems. Good service. Good shipping documentation including condition before and after. I had both bikes shipped from the dealer where I purchased them to my local dealer. One was from eastern Virginia (R850R) and one from the Atlanta area (R60/2). I forget the exact cost of each but recall that they were in the $550 range. Dealer-to-dealer rates are lower than to or from a residential address. I believe that the rate is based totally on the highway miles not the weight, model or age. They can quote you a rate while you are on the line." 

Mike < > noted that Liberty Moving & Storage was selected as the official mover of the American Motorcyclist Association and provide some quotes from the AMA. "As the Association's official mover, Liberty Moving and Storage will now transport motorcycles to and from any place in the United States. "New motorcycle skids developed by Allied Van Lines' special products division make Liberty the right choice for transporting your motorcycle," according to Bud Kinderman, a long-time member of the Association and Liberty's coordinator for its motorcycle transport program. "Our custom-made skids will accommodate all types of motorcycles including those with saddlebags and fairings," he said. The skids are constructed of oak and have countersunk nuts and bolts to eliminate possible damage. A lower tire channel allows easier loading and unloading of bikes. Four permanently mounted straps have ratchet tiedowns. 

The other company is Liberty Moving and Storage, whose ad says they transport the bike on an oak skid with four tie downs. They also advertise an AMA member discount. 

Lastly, Mike says "I believe most of the nationwide moving companies will transport cars and motorcycles; if these two companies don't work out, try calling one of the local agents of the nationwide movers."