What's the proper way to check the oil on my RT?

This issue seems to come up a lot despite the fact that its covered pretty well in the manual. Its not helped by the fact that BMW has changed the sight glass and the methodology a few times since the introduction of the modern oilhead twin.

To properly check the oil, leave the bike on the centerstand overnight. Check it first thing, before starting the motor. The oil level should be within the red circle around the perimeter of the sight glass. Some RTs have a red dot at the center of the sight glass indicating the optimal level. Basically, if the oil is within the red circle, you are good to go.

If the oil is low, add only a small amount at a time. Remember that It takes a long time for the oil to flow down to the sight glass, and its a common mistake to keep adding oil until a change is observed in the sight glass. If you do this, you will put in too much oil and possibly damage the engine. So WAIT - I usually give it at least 20 minutes to seep down and stabilize before checking the sight glass and adding more oil.

If you are concerned about oil level or consumption while riding, a good way to check while the bike is hot is to put the bike on the side stand and check the sight glass. The red circle should be covered almost solidly in this situation - at least 2/3. If there is no oil in the red circle, then you probably should add some. Again, only add a small amount at a time.