Do the BMW cylinder protectors work? Are they worth the extra expense?

One rider commented " I found mine invaluable since for the first year I owned my bike I developed the bad habit of dropping it, mostly just standing still and sometimes being stupid enough to stop on surfaces I should not have. The guards, in my estimate, saved me countless dollars. I once went down and the bike slid on the right cylinder for about 50 feet without me (I have a higher friction coefficient than the guards) and had no damage except I had to replace the engine guard. To have total protection, I would need a reinforcement in the back because my rear directionals sometimes give up a lens and sometimes the housing itself being the most protruding part of the bike in the rear.

Vinny Guercio: said "I felt exactly the same way as Ron when I saw the BMW engine guards for my RT. They certainly don’t look reassuring; however, after a spill I now have confidence in them. Nothing damaged to the valve covers and only minor scratching of the guard."

Julio said "The $100 seems like a lot until you drop the bike. Then you kick yourself for not having installed them. Don’t ask how I know! One good thing, though. The guards cover up the scratches on the valve cover!"