My instrument panel lights are too bright. How can I dim them?

Joe Katz <> of DeLand, Florida suggests: "The intensity of the high beam indicator can be reduced by painting the bulb black or using one of the green ‘condoms’ that were in the instrument lighting of the K100."

Voni Glaves <> noted "My quick fix for the ultra brightness of the bright light indicator is to cover it mostly with an opaque sticker - a red heart in my case. I used to lose some of my night vision from its brightness. This way I can still see the glow from it, but maintain my night vision.

Bryan Lally < says "I’ve found that the bright light telltale is usually a 3w bulb. And 1.7w bulbs of exactly the same shape are easily available. So I often substitute the lower wattage bulb for this particular telltale. And if that’s not enough, I paint the bulb with nail polish. Pretty soon I get it toned down to a reasonable level."