All of the screws that hold the fairing on are getting trashed and make the bike look old. Where can I get a replacement set?

 John Timmerman <>  agrees and has a possible solution: "The current screws that are holding the panels on the bike are stainless steel. I brought one into a local vendor of fasteners and they checked one for me. He said if I stripped the paint off the head and polished the head it would shine up nicely. I was also looking for a solution to the paint chipping off the heads. I have a black RT and think the polished stainless heads would be a nice contrast on the black paint."

Moto Décor sells a complete kit of stainless fasteners for the RT - and they give you a choice of washer color  - black for dark colored bikes and opaque for light colored bikes. 

Sean Franklin <> notes that "One source for metric button-head hex screws is Gardner-Wescott:  <>  - they have stainless and chrome." has the most turn key solution: "Cascade BMW (425) 823-5045 sells the Wudo kit for about $26 that replaces all of the fairing screws with (non-painted) stainless fasteners. The kit includes translucent clear/white plastic washers for under the screw heads. I haven't yet switched the screws on mine, but I'll probably do so next time I service it."

<> says "Check out this site for anodized aluminum and titanium fasteners.

Eckhard Grohe <> says the he "would stay away from aluminum as they would be softer and the hex would wear more quickly. Polishing them up sounds cool though.

G. McCurdy   <> wrote "Here are some ideas on the screw issue, one I saw on an older BMW. The owner went to a "bolt and nut shop" and asked for some plastic screw covers to fit over the button-head screws like the RT has. He ended up with some black-textured ones similar to the texture on the dash plastic. They snap on and can be pried off (via fingernail) when needed. If they are too big, you can dab a bit of black silicon on them to hold them on. I got mine from some Serv-a-Life bins in the local hardware store. I needed to enlarge them slightly with a Dremel to fit (I.D. diameter was .422 inch I think ???), otherwise they would have really been tough to get off once snapped. The couple I did silicon on have never been a problem as it readily rubs off the screw and cover. Looks are definitely improved with them!"

I would suggest that you take great care if you decide to paint them, as the paint may clog the hex head and make installation and using the screws difficult.

G McCurdy continues: "Option two (since the darn things are costly!) is to paint them with flat black paint. Personally, I would use PPG Durathane in an airbrush as it is harder than nails and resists gasoline spills."

"Lastly, I went to the Harley dealership and got their little box of chrome stick-in doodads (i.e. those little chrome buttons that snap in the Allen head bolts and screws). They help the appearance of the handlebar, lower peg area, rear oil plugs, and Brembo calipers out a bunch! Besides, it's fun to watch the Harley people gawking at some guy trying to "put a little chrome on it." (Okay, so the former Harley owner shows in me a little)"

What length fairing bolts go where?