Yes, you can put your helmet in the top-case!

At the Central California BMW Rider's Beemer Bash, I was sitting at the dinner table enjoying a nice chat with a fellow RT rider named Jim and his wife who were from Thousand Oaks. We got to talking about commuting and lane-splitting, and I told Jim that I often ride in "scooter mode" - that is with top-case on only - It makes the bike more slim. Jim said that he does the same, and likes having the top-case so he can put his helmet in there. "Oh" I said, "you ride with a beanie helmet?"   "Nope" says Jim, a size large Shoei RF-700!"

I immediately challenged him on that. I knew I had spent at least 30 minutes trying to fit my helmet on the same day I got that top-case, and I never got my Shoei to fit. As soon as dinner was over, I marched Jim and his wife over to my RT for a demo, and here is the proof!

Helmet1.jpg (54331 bytes)

How's it gonna fit?

  Just put it in like so!

Helmet3.jpg (31417 bytes)

Lay it in facing right, slightly off center to the right, and rotate the nose down slightly.

Helmet4.jpg (57466 bytes)

TaDa! That thing is in there!

When I got home, I tried this technique out with my other helmet, a Shoei RF-R size XL. It went in as well!

I am not the best photographer in the dark, and even though Jim did such a great job demonstrating this, I thought I might take a few more snaps depicting the methodology of this:

Helmet_L.jpg (39709 bytes) helmet_B.jpg (37061 bytes) Helmet_R.jpg (60427 bytes)