Over the Fall and Winter of 2000-2001, many RT riders were touched by the loss of several of their own in Car Vs. Motorcyle collisions. In many cases, the accidents were caused by the driver turning left in front of the motorcyclist.

The answer for many has been to improve conspicuity by installing headlight modulators on their bikes. Many report very positive results from the devices. Headlight modulators cause the headlight to flash at a rapid frequency and create a sense of motion that attracts the human eye. Bottom line, a modulator will get you noticed.

You may or may not want the sort of attention that a modulator can provide you, but if you want to be conspicuous, this is a must have item.

There are a couple of companies that make headlight modulators for the RT:

Kisan Technologies http://www.kisantech.com/ 
Kriss Industries http://www.kriss.com/index.htm

The Kisan seems to be the easiest to install and the most popular with RT Riders. Its a plug and play operation to install the modulator unit. Both types have a light sensor that must be attached to the bike in a place where it can see the light of day and will not be affected by light from the instrument panel or headlight. The purpose of the sensor is to disable the modulator from use at nighttime.

Some popular mounting options for the sensor include:

"A very easy spot that works well, and is out of the was are the screws just ahead of, and on either side of the front of the fuel tank that are used to attach the BMW tank bag"

"I mounted the sensor bracket to the screw just to the left of the right speaker. Seems to work great. Others have suggested one of the screws where the BMW tank bag hooks are. But since I have a BMW tank bag, I wasn't able to use those."

"I had installed my Kissan modulator 1 1/2 inches down from the lower edge of the front tupperware (the painted plastic nose not the black dash) and dead centered in the black dash before I discovered and mounted the shelf. I chose this eye position because I felt it looked like it was OEM. The modulator works the same as without the shelf as there is enough gap at the front edge of the shelf to provide light to the eye."

"I just zip tied mine to one of the cables going down by the ignition key. most people would never notice it."

"I put the photosensor in its little bracket on one of the screws on the front of the fuel tank (below the painted faring, just behind the handlebars). It works fine there."

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