Besides the hooks under the seat, what's a good way to lock my helmet to my RT?

I have seen a lot of creative solutions for this problem. Some are pictured in the custom gallery. One fellow simply attached screw eye bolts to the handlebars and used a padlock:

GWBeemer4_small.jpg (2132 bytes)

Another and more elegant solution was presented on this bike I saw at Cal BMW at the recent spring fest. A ball was mounted on a post on the handlebar - large enough to accommodate the helmet d-ring, but not the lock:

balllock.jpg (41933 bytes)

There are also some locks made to bolt to the license plate frame that are available online from <>.

febtail.jpg (79434 bytes)

Another option is a bar mounted lock - it will mount on the sub-frame bar below the saddle - and you can access it via the opening in the plastic cover. I purchased one for my RT at a local cycle shop, but the loop is quite small and I need to use a steel T-extension to attach my helmet. Here is a picture of the setup without the plastic cover installed:

framelock.jpg (34955 bytes)

However, Tom Stuart <>  of San Mateo California has come up with the best solution of all. Purchase a BMW R1100GS frame mounted helmet lock from your dealer and mount it to your RT. It can be keyed to operate with your ignition key - so you have only one key for the entire bike. His looks great: 

hellock.jpg (156699 bytes)

and the installation is pretty straightforward. Tom says "There is a piece of steel body tubing at one side of the opening where the lock is  shown. To attach the GS lock to this, I used a conduit clamp and a small  (1"x1"x1/8")  rubber sheet. The conduit clamp goes around the tubing. The rubber piece  fits  between the conduit clamp and the tubing to help make it a tight fit. When the conduit clamp is situated properly, the hole in it that accepts the tightening  bolt is lined up perfectly for the hole in the GS lock. Find a bolt that is long enough to go through the hole in the GS lock and appropriate sized to fasten to the  tightening hole in the conduit clamp. Tighten it down and you're all set. Remember to get the lock keyed so that it can use the same key as your other RT locks. Mine fits so that one helmet doesn't need a t-extension. Two helmets can fit with t-extensions.  Good luck. I really like mine."

Dirk Jesinghaus < > of Germany offers another solution.  There is a BMW cable lock that is available for the LT: "Personally I prefer a very simple solution: I use these hooks under the passenger seat. This makes sense once you buy the special steel wire that comes with the K 1200 LT (BMW part No 46 63 2 347 387, about 8$). It is very comfortable - and you do not need a second key." It can be keyed to your BMW ignition key.