Jerry <> Last year I was so afraid of the bike tipping over I made a 1/4" foot (toes & all) and epoxied it to the stand. Since I made it out of the closest grain wood I could find (& carve) it only lasted a year.

A lot of riders have a practice of putting a crushed beverage can under the stand’s footpad, but there are commercial pads available:

Phil <> say that he “never worries about it (most of the time I use the center stand anyway). I carry one of those plastic gizmo's (or you can crush the last can you drank). I always leave the bike in gear if I use the side stand. Alternatively there is a company that makes something called a 'bigfoot" that mounts to the bottom of your stand (using a screw). Check your dealer (or Bob's BMW) and they should be able to find it.”

< >  Said “I just got an aluminum foot from Bobs BMW at the national rally, it installed in minutes. No more crushed beer cans for me”

<> says that he has ”one of the Bigfoots from Speed Cycle which advertises in the BMW MOA Owners News. Its designed specifically for the bike ,looks and works well and has a cut out to avoid whacking the pipe. Their URL is

Lou < >  says that he purchased “the Fat Foot From Jim Schneider as well as his Flip Throttle lock (cruise control). both products are simple and work great. You do get a "BONG" when the kickstand is raised as the oversized foot hits the exhaust pipe; but, you know it's "up and locked". Here is Jim's website  Very nice guy to do business with.

Some folks have made their own and are quite happy with them. Some attach to the stand, others are more portable (handy if you own more than one bike)

 J. Lawson made his own support out of 2/8” lexan “It is placed under the stand and does not attach to it. There is a lanyard attached to it, so you won't forget it's there. Quite a few of my Gold Wing and Harley friends use these gismos, and they support those heavyweight bikes very well, in all kinds of conditions.

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<>  “made a stand foot only I used aluminum about 1/8 thick. I cut it so it cleared the pipe. And used G.E. RTV silicone 4140 to stick it on . There are a lot of other RTV sealers available, including DOW. The main thing is get it really clean before sticking it on and let it set over night."

Jerry <> Says that he “has more time than money so I made another out of aluminum, screwed and eypoxy-ed it to the stand. Phil made a really good point that shouldn't be missed -'NEVER' leave your bike out of gear when you're parked. If you're not pointed down hill, you still may have someone come by and lean against it.  I put both a screw and a pin as well as epoxy glue on and let it set overnight. I used 3/8" thk aluminum which is light and able to be sawed with a wood blade on the band saw. My only problem was after it had dryed I found it hit the center stand and had to get down and saw some of it off. I was trying to get height rather than size. If a parking area is soft I move to an area that isn't or use the center stand. I've had area's (gravelled) that were too soft for the center stand and it sunk in so far both tires were touching.”