Can I do my own maintenance on my RT?

It all depends on how much mechanical skill you have, and the tools, time and facilities you can devote to your bike. Some things must be done by your dealer, but its pretty straightforward to do your own maintenance on your RT. The first thing you need to do is get the Hayne's Manual for the RT.

Mark S. Bohn, <> of Denver Colorado has developed some detailed checklists for working on his R1100R. (The bikes are mechanically the same enough that each sheet should work for the RT, but if someone would like to amend these sheets for the RT to reflect the differences between the R and the RT, that would be great. Besides removing all that Tupperware, I don't think there is a lot of difference.) Mark's worksheets give a step-by-step procedure for performing the minor and major services on an R1100R. These are based on the Haynes manual but rather than jumping around from one chapter to the next, everything is listed sequentially. Parts required and torque specs are given too.

Another resource is BMW's actual checklist that service technicians use when reporting service activity.