My RT is a little small for me, is there anyway to lower the footpegs?

There appears to be only one company that makes a lowering kit for the R1100RT. Its called Verholen, and they are in Germany. However, they do have a comprehensive web page for information and ordering.

Jerry Cook had some correspondence with Monica at VerHolen and shared it with the list:

Jerry asked: "You have a product on the web that adjusts the DRIVER FOOTPEGS by 40mm foot rest fastening panel changes foot position by 40 mm for BMW R1100 R, R1100 RS, R1100 RT, R1100 GS and R850R. Is this LOWER? closer to the ground?. Deepening = Lowering?

This item is not clear to me Your English is good thank you very much Do you accept VISA and MASTERCARD ???"

Monica Replied:

"Dear Mr.Cook, Yes its lower. Its nearer to the ground. We accept Visa- or Eurocard. I need your card number. and dates of validity. The R 1100 RT is ready in February. Are you a dealer? We also send these parts to private persons. I hope you enjoy. Sincerely Monika Verholen"

Jerry responded: "Thank you I will forward your information to our mailing lists and a few dealers e-mail and web site information. One last question. We have discussed the possibility of the foot pegs being too low and contacting the ground in a hard turn. Will the pegs touch the ground? The riders need to know before they purchase."

Monica Replied: "In extreme situation and if you ride with a pillion rider it is possible to come to the ground. But normally you will get no problems with that. We don’t know anyone who had problems with that. If you are not satisfy with our parts after trying them and they are not damaged you can send us them back. To your burdens. Hope to had helped you, Monika Verholen"

Manuel Helzel <> of Penetang Ontario Canada. actually bought the Verholen lowering kit and posted the following report:

"I reported briefly on my experience with the Verholen footrest lowering kit a couple of days ago. Ordering was easy with visa from Verholen’s website, and my order, sent by parcel post, arrived ten days after I placed the order, installation (done by my dealer) was easy and fit was superb. I have some more info.

First I have been able to go out on a couple of further rides (el nino has given us record breaking weather in Ontario the last few days). I like the footrests even better than before. With my seat in the lowest position I now have as much (or almost as much) leg room as with the seat in the highest position before. This makes this the best seating position for me with lots of leg room, together with a superclose reach to the ground - almost cruiser like. Makes for really easy maneuvering in the garage etc.

Even though the foot rests are directly below and a little bit outboard from their previous position, braking and gear shifting are not negatively affected. (Verholen provides the necessary parts to adjust gear and brake levers). Braking feels exactly as it did before. Gear shifting seems significantly different, the foot peg to gear lever distance is slightly decreased, and it took me a little while to adjust to the new position. At first I missed the odd shift, and it seemed that I had to twist my ankle awkwardly (I broke my left ankle years ago and have somewhat limited movement in it). Now that I have adjusted to the new position, I much prefer it and shifting is as good or better than before I installed the Verholen set.

In my previous post, I had mentioned that there seemed to be no way to install the footrest return spring. Roger Deal has informed me that he drilled a hole in the Verholen part in order to install it. I installed the kit without the return spring. This does not seem to create any real problem. On one occasion, when I was paddling the bike out of the garage, I pushed the foot rest back and it did not return by itself. I felt this readily and I easily pushed it back into its correct position with my foot as I was starting out - almost a reflex reaction even though I had never done it before, or since. Otherwise, no ill effects. I e-mailed Verholen about this, and as usual, I had an almost immediate reply.

He feels that it works well without the spring, that he has sold it like this from the beginning, and that the footrest returns easily without the spring as long as the footpeg bolt is greased. He is correct; even without having greased the bolt, my foot rest returns by itself without the spring, except when it has been fully pushed back. Verholen said that he had only one complaint about this from a person who said that his pant leg caught the footpeg, when it didn’t return. He reports that other long term customers have not experienced any problems like this. However; he will make provisions in the next edition of the footrest kit for a nut which will allow installation of the spring, so that everybody will be happy. As I indicated, I see this as a very minor problem, and have no hesitation riding my bike as is. This may be more of a concern if one were riding on the track, but then one would probably not use a footrest lowering kit anyway.

I had a couple of requests for the Verholen website address. It is: Monica Verholen’s e-mail address is: <>

The site is trilingual, and quite slick. There are many additional parts shown to improve the new 1200s as well as the older oilheads. The site also includes brief descriptions of the installation of the parts. People who have seen the installed kit comment on how much it looks as if it were part of the bike. For what it’s worth my wife thinks it looks great.

You may be able to surmise that I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anybody who wants/needs more leg room. Together with barbacks I had installed at the same time as the Verholen kit, my bike has been transformed into a much more comfortable and manageable machine, with the only possible drawback being that now I put a little more weight on the seat, since I support less of it with my wrists and legs. The bike also feels a little less sporting; I guess that’s the flip side of being more comfortable. I have no connection to Verholen other than being a happy customer."

John P. Neet <>> says "I have not had any trouble grounding the pegs, but a very aggressive rider might. Because of the length of my legs, I have a tendency to ride with my toes pointing down. I never grounded my toes on the old footpegs, but I do have to bring my inside foot parallel to the ground on tight and/or rapidly traversed corners. I would recommend installing the Verholen shift lever kit (to compensate for the lower position of your left foot) and the oversize foot brake lever cover (because it works well and you can find the brake pedal more easily) as well."

Is there a way I can extend the rear pegs down and out so that my passenger can have greater comfort?

Roger Leenheer of Hudsonville MI has created and sells a handy device he calls "RL Peg Rites" - a machined extension for the passenger pegs:

RLPegs.jpg (19538 bytes) For more information, go to Roger's site at

John P. Neet <> Has installed the Peg Rites and says his wife likes them: "I have purchased the product for my wife, who relatively long legs and complained that she was uncomfortable because the stock pegs forced her to ride with her toes pointed outward. The product was easy to install, and lowered the rear pegs by a couple of inches and extended them outward by a similar amount. Very pleased with the product, and it complements the Verholen peg lowering kit for the rider.

Some folks have noted that the kit does not fit the '00 RT's very well. Be sure to check with  Roger for an updated kit that will fit your '00 model.