cags <> notes that “The BMW toolkit is pretty good however you always need more, especially out in the middle of nowhere. Under the rear ducktail I carry 2 small pencil cases with extra items that also help to pack in the CB radio and intercom. As with every thing you never know what you are missing until you need it. My kits are basic and I have just started making them up. My kits are:

Electrical: containing Side cutters; cable ties; long nose pliers; insulation tape; fuses; pocket knife.

First-Aid: containing Band aids; Panadol; saline solution; alcohol wipes; rubber gloves; steri-strips.”

F. Belair <>    says ” I  made up my own kit. In addition to the standard BMW tool kit, I bought a toolkit from Home Depot (their "Husky" brand) which contains a variety of cheap sockets and stuff in a folding zippered pouch. The pouch is about 4" x 8" and about 1-1/2" deep.

The tools inside are held in place with a band of elastic. I removed all of the tools it came with and replaced them with 3mm thru 10mm 3/8-drive allens (mostly Craftsman, but I had to go to Snap-On for the 3mm -- pricey!!) as well as a 3/8 drive, extension, u-joint, zip ties, small Maglite, digital tire pressure gauge, and a multi-head screwdriver. This kit fits sideways in the tail and is held in place by the rear seat mount

. tool-kit.jpg (84678 bytes)

Up in the "glove compartment" I also keep a Leatherman multi-tool as well as wire, connectors, electrical tape, solder, and a butane-powered micro soldering iron from Masters (picked it up at a hobby shop a couple of years ago). “

Marc <> recalls that the “The most recent Rider's Warehouse catalog shows a pretty nice kit by CruzMetrix (p. 129) that contains most of the tools you describe. It lists for $120 and comes in a zip-up pouch (it's also on their website - P/N 3513-3514). You might want to read up on what this and other "for-sale" kits contain and look for items you need for yours.”

Phil R <> says that his “additions to the stock tool kit are basically some wire ties, semi needle nose vise grip pliers, some spare 14 gauge wire and, when traveling any distance, a basic first aid kit, a small pocket knife and mini maglight.