I'd like to get a bigger windshield. Who makes them and which one is the best ?

Tom VerLee <trvlee@gwi.net> pointed out the options and asked for some advice: " I’m a tall (6-4) rider, and I’m looking at replacement/substitute windshields for my R11RT to give me more protection and less wind noise at highway speeds. As I understand it, I have three options:

1. The BMW tall windshield
(BMW Part Number 51 31 1 469 658)

2. Parabellum (http://www.parabellum.com/replws.htm)

3. Aeroflow (tel 888-237-6777)

That's right. Personally, I prefer and use the aeroflow on my RT.

At 6’-4", Jeff Dean <jeff.dean@worldnet.att.net> has extensively used Aeroflow’s windshield and BMW’s +2" tall windshield on his RTs. "They both have their advantages," he says. "Aeroflow’s shield gives better and more complete coverage, but at a modest cost in mileage. I guess that the latter is in the 2 MPG range. The BMW shield gives less coverage and more head buffeting, but also gives better mileage. I am currently using BMW’s shields predominantly, but I can and do mount Aeroflow’s in cold weather. I bought extra windshield mounting hardware so it is easy to change back and forth."

Mike "Griz" Murray" <bmwgriz@thevision.net> replied that the Aeroflow is the way to go. " Now you have the right idea, but only $174.95 +S&H Order direct from: 1-888-237-6777

The flip up edges help out in the Cold weather, also keep the noise out... Is like Night and Day between the BMW screen and the AreoFlow, I don't get bugs on my visor unless I am doing some serious cornering!!! Yes the AeroFlow with more protection will be hotter in the summer, just means you ride faster!!!

Charles B Martin <c2martin@airmail.net> says " I used a parabellum on my R11RT for about 3 months, took it off and sold it replaced with a tall BMW shield, which I have used for 1 years. The Parabellum was only 4mm thick where as the BMW is 6mm thick. the parabellum required spacers to keep it from rubbing the faring in the center at the bottom of the shield. I have several friends that are using the Aeroflow and are very happy. The extra width does not appeal to me as I prefer the air movement during the summer.

David Moore <bdmoore@swri.org>, who stands 5'11" tall, really likes his Parabellum: "I purchased the clear +4" version for my 1997 R1100RT. On the road, I always had the stock windscreen fully deployed, yet still had slipstream intercepting the top of my helmet unless I hunched over uncomfortably. The slipstream noise resulted in wearing earplugs on lengthier trips. Now I only have to deploy the Parabellum about 50% to get the slipstream to go completely over my head and the noise is greatly reduced. There is a small but tolerable amount of side breeze, but I experienced that with the BMW screen too. I commute to work with the morning temperature in the mid-30's and have no need for face shield or balaclava. The thinner plastic is not an issue with me. The rubber-backed mounting washers aren't only for spacing, but also reduce possible stress fracturing at the mounting points."

John P. Neet <jpneet@inland.net> has the Aeroflow: "I am 6'9" tall. With a Russell seat, I sit slightly higher than stock. I added the Aeroflow windshield, which moved the flow from my chest to my head, not an acceptable result. I added SAENG edging to Aeroflow and moved the flow up to my forehead/helmet. That works for me. I strongly recommend that anyone going this route purchase approximately 5' of the SAENG edging, and wrap it all the way down the sides to where the windshield passes the bodywork. There are little metal clips inside edging. Be sure to crimp these down. Believe me, retrieving the edging as it flies off over your head at 85 mph is a good test of reflexes!"