Our brand new 10th anniversary BMWSportTouring.com t-shirts are ready for prime time! These stylish and comfortable shirts are just the thing to let people know that you are a person of class and discerning tastes.

The back features the three generations of the BMW RT that BMWSPortTouring.com has witnessed: The R1100RT (1996-2001); R1150RT (2002-2004); and the latest generation, the R1200RT. The front features the same design as our reflective sticker.

The shirts are available in Mens and Ladies short sleeve and in a unisex Long sleeve. Price is $25 for men's and ladies short sleeve and $28 for the unisex Long Sleeve. Price includes shipping to anywhere in the world. All proceeds are used to support BMWSportTouring.com.

Unisex Long Sleeve = Small through XXL
Mens Short Sleeve = Small through XXXL
Ladies Short Sleeve = Small through XL
Sizes are true, ladies are generously cut and shrinkage is minimal to zero.

Mens short sleeve and the unisex longsleeve shirts are light grey and Ladies short sleeve shirts are white.

But don't take our word for it, check out these pictures and see for yourself! Mens short sleeve: Front and Back. Ladies short sleeve: Front and Back. And just to prove we weren't kiding about the long sleeve version, here's a shot of the Unisex Long Sleeve from the back.

Reflective Stickers
Decorate your saddlebags or your garage toolbox! Impress your friends! Woo members of the opposite sex! Improve fuel economy by 50%! (Your results may vary.)

In late Spring of 2008, we completed design and production of an all-new BMWST.COM reflective sticker. Click Here to see a sample.

Price is $6.50 per sticker and that includes shipping and handling to anywhere in the world. All proceeds are used to support BMWSportTouring.com.

We would like to thank Mike and Joyce McKennedy for volunteering to handle all of the distribution efforts for the new stickers and shirts. This site would not be possible without generous offers of help from folks like Mike and Joyce, so be sure to express your gratitude when you send payment.

Payment can be made via check or money order made out to Leslie Edmonds, or PayPal can be sent to lesismore@pacbell.net.

Send payments via USPS to:
BMWSportTouring.com Stickers/Shirts
Mike & Joyce McKennedy
701 Ashley Ct.
Highland Village, TX. 75077-1878